Preserving Rich


Most fast fashion brands promote unregulated production, dangerous environments for workers and low wages in order to produce items as cheaply as possible. During this process valuable handicraft traditions of skilled artisans have been lost, along with their right to dignified work.

At each stage, from the sourcing of the materials, to the embroidery and sewing of each piece -we are committed to partnering only with small, locally-producing makers in Pakistan who are from low-income backgrounds to produce modest occasion wear and everyday clothing. 

We combat exploitative labour by providing fair wages and empowering artisans with income-generating skills, supporting economic growth in the communities we work with. This also ensures social benefit by allowing the preservation of South Asian craft techniques and workmanship.

Our jewellery collections are handmade by artisans in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal, which include many vintage and antique pieces.



We want to create positive societal change through educating, creating awareness and initiating conversations of fair treatment of people and the planet. Our commitment to the sustainable fashion movement is driven by working in collaboration with grassroot organisations and local communities.


"I have a couple of pieces from this brand and I intend to get some more. The designs are beautiful, unique and amazing quality! And I’m always getting a ton of compliments when I’m wearing one of their pieces, so they must be doing something right! 💛"

— Sabah

"I am very proud to own one of the limited edition pieces from Electric Bazaar! It’s absolutely stunning and I love how the design and culture is relatable to my own even though they are two different countries! The pieces are made with love, care and of high quality, I am looking forward to the new collection!"

— Miriam

"I am so happy with my purchase from Electric Bazaar. The Beige Gharara fits great and is such a unique find"

— Salma