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In 2020, we launched our 3-month internship programme alongside Accelerate ME. The programme offers real-life exposure to a business working environment in the modest ethical fashion industry. As a start-up, we hold a flexible approach to ideas and initiatives. Our interns have the opportunity to create their own platforms of change whilst developing skills in areas they prefer. 


Read why our interns applied and their stories so far.


Eman Nasar - Social Media Intern


Iulia Visinescu - Campaigns Intern

‘’I’m Eman and I’m the social media intern at Electric Bazaar.


I’ve adored this brand for over a year and seen Alicya and Shamima build it up to what it is today and I find that so inspirational! I even had the chance to work with them on their first-ever modest fashion show at the Whitworth last year. That is when I got a real look at the behind the scenes of Electric Bazaar - the dedication, hard work and care that goes into everything that they do. So when this opportunity came up, I thought ‘why not?’.


I am constantly working on enhancing my hobbies - some of which include photography, videography, editing and graphic design. This all started off as things I just enjoyed doing in my free time but eventually, it led me to take on opportunities to work with different organisations and pages. Electric Bazaar being one of them!


The journey so far has been eventful and full of many learning curves so I am excited to see what’s next’’. 

‘’My name is Iulia and I have filled the position of Electric Bazaars new Campaigns Intern!


I first heard about Electric Bazaar at a market stall where I was captivated by their beautiful rings. But soon I found out it is not only the designs of their pieces that stand out, but also their mission and their incredible initiatives regarding the empowerment of women. That day I left the fair with a lovely ring and a lot of appreciation for EB. So when the opportunity arose to intern for them, I was so very keen to take it and be part of their team!


I am hoping that through this role I will be able to apply some of the skills that I have gained through my studies in International Development and will be able to make considerable contributions to their impactful activity! ‘’