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About Us

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Electric Bazaar is an ethical fashion social enterprise based in the North West of England, which was founded in July 2017 by Shamima and Alicya, two young women of South Asian heritage. 


They design clothing pieces in-house, which are modest-friendly, incorporating the embroidery styles and handicrafts of the different regions in Pakistan.

Electric Bazaar's fundamental values appreciate the talent of the artisans they collaborate with, while striving towards social and environmental sustainability. They are rooted in sustaining the art of traditional craftsmanship in an industry dominated by unethical practices.


We envision a fashion industry that shifts away from the exploitative nature of fast fashion and has a positive impact on the people and communities associated with its activities.
We seek to support an inclusive economy empowering low-income, highly skilled garment workers and artisans to earn a sustainable livelihood that benefits themselves, their families and their communities - where talent is valued at the heart of their work.


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