Sewing Machine Project

Empowering women to work towards a

self-sufficient livelihood. 

The project aims to empower women from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab regions in Pakistan to earn a living from home by starting up their own self-sustaining tailoring business. This allows them to support their family by making garments and doing embroidery work, repairs and alterations. Mothers and widows will have an opportunity to use their skills to rise out of poverty and work towards a self-sufficient livelihood. 


Owning a debt-free sewing business allows these women to gain economic independence which they would not be able to due to cultural taboos which discourage women from working outside of the home. It provides them with the opportunity to do something meaningful despite having a limited education, helping to empower them within their households and communities.

Basic business practices,  assistance and training will also be provided where needed to enable these women to make the most of their sewing machines.


Just £50 can provide one woman with a sewing machine and the opportunity to start her own debt-free business. So far we’ve donated 30 sewing machines. Can you help us reach 50?

Give Sadaqah Jariyah and contribute towards this worthwhile project. You can donate through bank transfer, by purchasing our sewing machine donation cards, ‘Silai Machine’ earrings or scrunchies. The full amount will be from the items will be donated on your behalf.




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When her husband, who’s a drug addict, married a second wife - she was left married by name. Prior to Covid-19, Shakeela and others would borrow and rent/go to work at other houses who had sewing machines. Within the current circumstances, itthis has become even more difficult for her to earn an income to feed her children. 


After receiving the donation, she was overwhelmed with emotion and started crying - as she remembered how desperate she was for food to feed her children -  she was so grateful for the opportunity to start earning her own income properly and live with dignity. 


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Alia is a second wife to her husband who threw her out of the house. Later on the family made him take her back. He treats her poorly and gives more attention to the other wife in front of her. She’s refused speech in the house and is reluctant to divorce as it would tarnish their family name and her daughter would be deemed unmarriageable. The family lives in one room, which means she’s always under the eye of her husband. 


The sewing machine donation will allow her to escape her sufferings and give her a new focus and motivation.


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Samreen gets charged for borrowing sewing machines and burdened to sew a certain amount in a set time - this restricts freedom to sew conveniently around household chores. She’s divorced and left to provide for her 3 children and it's difficult to find work with Covid-19. 


She was so thankful and blessed that someone was giving them that chance and believed in her.